Everything is art.
​Everything is politics.

 - Ai Wei Wei

​​​Radical Art Exhibition is a collection of political art, expressing radical ideas through artistic mediums.

Access to the Radical Art Exhibition is FREE with every ticket to Radical Ideas Conference 2015. To present your artwork, contact us.

Selection of Paintings

Bronte Scott
Artist statement: My works are mainly made up of layers of text, image and paint. My art work is drawn form personal experiences.

I feel that by sharing these experiences, I can affect viewers that have had similar experiences.

​​​Selection of Drawings

Anton Pulvirenti, Refugee Art Project
This artist's selection of drawings captures snapshots of struggle - from rallies and protests, to picket-lines and public meetings. Through his true-to-life art, Anton aims to document grassroots resistance towards oppression and injustice.

​​Women of Kobane, Series of Screenprint Artworks

Vivian Messimeris
'Women of Kobane' is an Award-Winning collection of individual screenprints, vividly depicting the brave, female Kurdish freedom fighters, struggling for liberation in Kobane and fore-fronting the feminist, egalitarian revolution as it unfolds in the region.