Featured Sessions

Gen Y's fight for a future

Friday 6.30pm 

Unemployment, housing prices and green house gas levels are all rising. Now Gen Y is rising up too. How are we going to halt the degradation of our only planet and ensure a safe future for all?    

Lessons from the Corbyn campaign

Saturday 9.30am 

The inspiring success of Jeremy Corbyn's election campaign has set the pace for the role of socialists in elections in the 21st century. What can activists in Australia learn from the UK Labour Party's campaign?     

Women fight back against misogyny and rape culture

Saturday 11am 

The Global Women's Marches were the culmination of women across the world saying we've had enough. It's time to set our sights on the misogynists in parliament and in the White House. 

Fighting for decolonisation and sovereignty

Sunday 9.30am

Since the British invasion in 1788, First Nations peoples in Australia have suffered genocide, enslavement and displacement which continues to this day. What does solidarity look like in the struggle for justice?

Barbed wire borders: From US to Australia

Sunday 11am 

Amidst a new threat of war, racist attacks are raining down on refugees and migrants. Australia is leading the world in cruelty towards asylum seekers and now the US is following suit. 

Can't breathe gas, can't eat coal

Sunday 3.30pm 

The Adani Coalmine would be a disaster for the climate, but still, the major parties push ahead. But the resistance is growing to the fossil fools and their powerful lobby.